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Company research department material basis of the ongoing development of standards for Chinese medicine materials, technology research, the active ingredient separation, impurity separation of drugs and other services, and match a variety of devices these business needs. Including: 300L enrichment equipment extraction system 1 set, filtration equipment Taiwan, 20L above enrichment equipment 12, Agilent LC and efficient analysis of nearly 20, Agilent 6545 high resolution mass spectrometry 1 set (Q-tof), for the preparation of medium pressure chromatography system 4 sets, 1 set of dynamic axial preparation system, and is also equipped with a UV spectrophotometer, centrifuges, freeze dryers, vacuum drying, and several sets of conventional and low-pressure column and the column corresponding to the various chromatography the separation of filler. Meanwhile, the company is located in Zhangjiang Drug Valley public service platform to provide timely NMR testing services to ensure we are able to analyze the structure of chemical constituents in a timely manner.



The company's quality control department is also equipped with a range of qualitative and quantitative detection analysis equipment, the existing Karl Fischer moisture meter 1, three high performance liquid chromatography, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography three, GC 1, liquid mass spectrometer 1, GC-MS instrument 1, Sciex4600 high resolution mass spectrometry 1 set (TripleTOF), has a UV diode array, evaporative light scattering, Agilent LC-MS / MS triple quadrupole variety of detector, in addition also equipped with a UV spectrophotometer, PH meter, conductivity meter, oven, muffle furnace, dissolution apparatus, stability chambers and other conventional detection equipment, covering all kinds of physical and chemical analysis of test items of traditional Chinese medicine.



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