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    Shanghai Nature Standard is a commitment to the Chinese standard material R & D and production, analysis and detection of traditional Chinese medicine products and health products quality standard research of science and technology oriented technological service enterprises. The company's main business includes the development of traditional Chinese medicine standards, the development of traditional Chinese medicine extraction process, the qualitative and quantitative detection of traditional Chinese medicine products, the quality of traditional Chinese medicine and health product quality research and other technical services.

    At present, the company has Chinese standard material of 1600, which a number of varieties by the Chinese Institute of food and drug testing calibration after passing distributed to the drug, pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes and other units, as a national statutory standard of drug substance use. Company under the China Institute of food and drug testing organization is compiled according to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" a supporting tool book 2: the Chinese standard material analysis Atlas of collection "and" 2010 version of China pharmacopoeia standard material analysis map "; published a technical reference book on detection, the drug testing of new technology -- from the HPLC to UHPLC."


    Company has become one of the countries (China food and Drug Inspection Institute) standard for traditional Chinese medicine raw materials the most important supplier, American Pharmacopoeia Commission Standard for traditional Chinese medicine raw material and technology providers, national standard for traditional Chinese Medicine Engineering Technology Center Standard Material R & D base and bear the national development and Reform Commission drug material industry base and public technology service platform construction. In the future, the company will continue to to the development of the Chinese standard material development based, pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine quality; to further expand the standard substance for the development of scale and capacity development, to build the company as are the largest and most professional standard substance and drug component technology Development Research of base, make their contribution to the Chinese medicine standardization and modernization!

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