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Corporate Training | practical business etiquette you need to know
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The ancients said that "the courteous man respects others." Etiquette is a code of conduct that treats people and is also the art of communication. In order to improve the company's comprehensive professional quality and shape the company's external image, on August 12th, NatureStandard invited the etiquette training instructor Dong Zhaoxia to conduct business etiquette training, and all the staff of NatureStandard participated in the training.


Training instructor Dong Zhaoxia is a senior etiquette and emotional management training expert. She was responsible for the etiquette training of Shanghai Import Expo, Shanghai World Expo, Volvo Global Sales Manager, Ping An Bank Account Manager and Star Hotel.


Teacher Dong Zhaoxia first introduced the rules of address, introduction, handshake and business card etiquette in workplace communication. They focused on the etiquette of men and women, and explained the basic requirements of dress,  appearance , grooming and expressions for business reception. According to the work flow of welcoming, receiving and seeing off, introduces various precautions and details of etiquette.


In the course, the teacher's language is humorous, the examples are vivid and vivid, the normative movements of etiquette are explained, and the precautions of each movement are interpreted, which has strong pertinence and practicality.



The purpose of this training is to enhance the code of conduct of NatureStandard's business activities, promote the cultivation of personal workplace etiquette, and enhance the company's external image. Everyone listened very seriously, actively interacted with the lecturers, and asked about the practical problems encountered in the work. They all said that they should apply the knowledge learned in the training to the work and do a good job in corporate service.



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