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Academic exchange | Discussion on the design of process (equipment) and granule prescription based on extractum
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On May 23, 2019, NatureStandard had the privilege of inviting Dr. Li Li to the NatureStandard R&D Center for guidance and conducting an academic research on granule prescription and process (equipment) design based on extractum.


Dr. Li Li is the technical director of Shanghai Sanqi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. He has supported the large-scale production of solid preparations and sustained-release preparations of many large pharmaceutical companies in China. He is familiar with the regulations and applications of pharmaceutical excipients, and good at the prescription of solid preparation and process development. We are honored to invite Dr. Li Li to come to the company for academic exchanges.


The traditional Chinese medicine granule refers to a dry granular dosage form prepared by mixing an extract of a Chinese medicinal material with a suitable auxiliary material or some fine powder of medicinal material. Divided into soluble granules, suspended granules, and effervescent granules according to solubility and dissolution state. Traditional Chinese medicine granules initially contain fine powder of medicinal materials, and the process depends on experience. With the improvement of the quality requirements of the preparations, the application of various new auxiliary materials and new equipment and new technologies, the process of traditional Chinese medicine granules has been greatly developed. Dr. Li Li made a brief summary of the production process of traditional Chinese medicine granules in recent years. He introduced in detail the three preparation methods of traditional Chinese medicine granule preparations: wet granulation, dry granulation and the advantages and disadvantages of fluidized bed granulation, and also gave optimization suggestions . After Dr. Li Li's professional explanation, several research and development elites of NatureStandard expressed their opinions and conducted in-depth discussions with Dr. Li Li.


Thanks to Dr. Li Li for his visit and exchange guidance. Through this academic exchange, we have gained a deeper understanding of the prescriptions and processes of traditional Chinese medicine granules. Meanwhile,we obtained a lot of industry frontier information and valuable experience. In the future, we will continue to work hard and march forward to make unremitting efforts for the development of the Chinese medicine industry!



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