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“Gather strength to move forward bravely” – the NatureStandard group building activity ended successfully
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In order to strengthen the construction of the corporate culture system, enhance the cohesiveness of the enterprise, and create a harmonious atmosphere of the enterprise, on May 10, NatureStandard launched a group building activity with the theme of “Brave Heart”.



The event took the form of group competition, which aims to enhance the sense of teamwork of new employees, and the small partners are temporarily combined into different groups.




All the participants are divided into four groups, a total of five competitive links. Let's go and see what the buddies are doing at the scene.


The road of the brave


Through the checkpoint within the specified time, each successful passer-by is a brave warrior.



Seize the shore and landing


In the form of confrontation, they went to the sponge pool and boarded the middle of the sponge pool within the specified  time. The group with a large number of people won. Everyone is very hard to fight. After going down the high ground again and again, they still insist on climbing up.



Crossing the line of fire


During the specified time, according to the number of people crossing the laser array without injury, thank the pilots of each group for their work for the team.


Devil Slide & High Altitude Escape



Unleash passion, challenge yourself and overcome inner fear. The thrilling 84-degree angle devil slide, the 8-meter-high jumper, praises our active and brave friends!


The small partners in different departments of the group building activitiy from unfamiliar to become a harmonious whole, from the initial challenge and the failure to finally be able to refresh the record again under the leadership of the captain. Through solidarity and cooperation, everyone has accomplished many things that seem impossible to accomplish. Everyone is the best NatureStandard partner!


The group building activity enabled employees to understand the company's corporate culture and enhanced their sense of belonging, honor and team cohesion. There is no strongest individual, only the strongest team!


We are Family!  Looking forward to the next group building.


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