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Company News|Shanghai Pudong Joint R&D Association went on an exchange visit to NatureStandard
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On the afternoon of April 24th, members of the Shanghai Pudong Joint R&D Association visited the NatureStandard R&D Center.


First of all, Dr. Xie Tianpei, Chairman of the Board of Directors and relevant leaders of the company gave a detailed introduction to the guests. The NatureStandard products mainly cover the reference materials of traditional Chinese medicines, standard reference substance for traditional Chinese medicines, and natural product library for Chinese medicines,and mainly provide the researchers of Chinese medicine and health industry with some technical services ,such as the development of standard materials for chinese medicine , separation of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, research on extraction technology and quality standard of Chinese medicine, third-party testing and product development for the health industry.



Subsequently, in order to have more opportunities for cooperation in the future, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges on the hot issues of traditional Chinese medicine, such as classic famous prescriptions, traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, quality standard of medicinal materials and so on.



Finally, Mr. Xie Tianpei led the guests to visit the Separation and Purification Center, the Analytical Testing Center, the Warehousing and Logistics Center and gave a detailed introduction to the guests. Under the detailed explanation of the chairman, the visiting guests fully understood the separation and preparation of the standard substances of Chinese medicines and the calibration process, and had a deeper understanding of the standard substances of Chinese medicines, also the advanced equipment , standardized experiments, rigorous scientific research attitude of NatureStandard were highly praised. They highly appreciated and recognized the achievements of NatureStandard in recent years, fully affirming the contribution of NatureStandard  in the Chinese medicine industry.



From serving the Chinese Pharmacopoeia to the United States Pharmacopoeia, NatureStandard has provided natural compounds and traditional Chinese medicine reference materials to many medicinal plant researchers around the world; and has become a technical service provider for Chinese medicine (botanical medicine) and the health product development researchers; It has carried out the research on the material basis of Chinese medicine compound, the secondary development of Chinese medicine, the research on the improvement of Chinese medicine quality and the registration service of new drug for a number of Chinese medicine companies at home and abroad.



Based on the technical accumulation of the NatureStandard team in the basic research of drug quality, the company has become the unit of the professional technical service platform for drug quality and standard in Shanghai. In 2016, the team participated in the project “The creation and application of the international quality-oriented Chinese medicine overall quality standard system” won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2017, it was approved as the construction unit of the “New Chinese Medicine Component Resource Bank and Industrial Public Technology Service Platform”, which is a major national new drug creation project. In 2018, “Research on the Recommendations of Chinese Medicine International Standards – Research on Key Technologies for Preparation of Control Substances in Accordance with International Standards” was approved by the National Specialized Project of Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



The company also firstly issued the "Saffron Quality Grade" group standard (T/CATCM 002-2018), which is the first standard in China to distinguish the "commodity specifications" of medicinal herbs in the industry by "quality grade". The testing laboratory also passed the CNAS (ISO 17025) and CMA certification, which became an important support for the quality of NatureStandard technology.



Thanks Shanghai Pudong Joint R&D Association for visiting NatureStandard. Through this exchange, the company has broadened its horizon, broadened its thinking, and gained many industry frontier information and valuable experience. In the future, NatureStandard will continue to focus on quality and innovation, and committed to providing Chinese medicine industry with superior products and technical services .





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