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Top-selling compound┃Triglochinic acid(CAS No. 31795-12-7)
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In recent years, the clinical demand of Pinellia ternata is large, and the wild resources are increasingly depleted. Due to the influence of environmental factors, the morphological variation of Pinellia genus is abundant, and some artificial cultivated products have irregular small lateral buds, and the individual small tiger palm south star shape is extremely Similar, often used in the summer, so as to affect the quality of Pinellia and clinical drug safety.


The State Food and Drug Administration has conducted several flight tests on the medicinal materials market every year. It has been found that the above problems are severely penalized, but it has been repeatedly banned.


Based on this phenomenon, Shanghai NatureStandard launched the Triglochinic acid Reference substance. The use of arbutic acid as a reference to identify whether or not P. chinensis in the mid-summer is mixed with the tiger's palm south star, and successfully identify the tiger palm south star through experiments, can help the regulatory authorities and enterprises to quickly identify the Pinellia sinensis. The new batch of Triglochinic acid Reference substance is now online. Welcome to consult~


Triglochinic acid







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