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The "Chinese Medicine International Standard Demonstration Research" kick-off meeting

In order to promote the implementation of the national key international research and development program "Chinese medicine modernization research" key special "Chinese medicine international standard demonstration research", the project led the unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica on January 8, 2019 organized a project kick-off meeting. Shanghai Standard Technology Co., Ltd. as the responsible unit of the project sub-project, participated in the launching of the project.

As one of the 55 national key R&D projects initiated in 2018, the key project of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization Research” established the “Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory”, “Chinese Medicine Prevention and Control of Major Diseases, Chinese Medicine Resources Guarantee and The research and development of the "Technology and Health Industry Technology Demonstration", "Chinese Medicine Internationalization", "National Medicine Inheritance and Innovation", and a total of 43 research projects, the central government funds allocated a total of about 600 million yuan.


The “Chinese Medicine International Standard Demonstration Research” project belongs to the research direction of “Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. The project selects 10 large-scale Chinese patent medicines with a long history and effective curative effect, and has broad international market prospects. It conducts systematic research on quality standards according to the requirements of EU traditional medicine registration, and provides support for obtaining traditional medicine registration in the EU or its member states. . According to the requirements of international mainstream Pharmacopoeias such as the United States or the European Pharmacopoeia and ISO and other international standardization organizations, research on the quality standards of a number of commonly used traditional Chinese medicines will be carried out to promote the adoption of relevant standards by the international mainstream pharmacopoeia or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


The research on the chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicines and the development and calibration of reference substances are the cornerstones of the research on quality standards in the "Demonstration of Chinese Medicine International Standards". NatureStandard relies on years of experience in the study of chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicines, preparation of reference substances for Chinese medicines, and cooperation with international pharmacopoeia and reference material management agencies. It is mainly responsible for the “Key Technology Research on Preparation of Control Substances in Accordance with International Standards” in this special project. jobs. It is mainly responsible for the development of new reference materials in the formulation of 100 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and 10 Chinese traditional medicines, and the establishment of key technical systems and related technical specifications for the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine chemical reference materials.

The general manager of the company, Qian Yong, was the main executor of the project sub-project undertaken by NatureStandard. He reported on the subject content, task division, schedule, etc. at the project kick-off meeting, and asked questions about the project development and the project responsible for the Shanghai Pharmaceuticals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Therefore, the person in charge of other participating units communicated.


The meeting promoted the overall understanding of the project team's special task deployment of “Chinese Medicine International Standard Demonstration Research” through the project leader unit, the sub-subject undertakers and the participating units, and clarified the project plan, specific requirements and acceptance. standard. At the same time, the sub-subject undertakers and the participating units discussed and established the cooperation and negotiation mechanism, which laid the foundation for the orderly implementation of the special research.


About NatureStandard

Shanghai Standard Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based technology service enterprise specializing in the basic research of traditional Chinese medicine (botanical medicine), research services for new Chinese medicines, and physical supplies of natural compounds and traditional Chinese medicines. For the development of researchers in medicine and the health industry, the research provides the separation and preparation of plant and Chinese medicine ingredients, the material basic research of Chinese medicine compound, the evaluation of medicinal materials, the research on the quality standard of Chinese medicine, the extraction technology research and the registration service technology related to Chinese medicine (botanical medicine).


Based on the technical accumulation of the NatureStandard team in the basic research of Chinese medicine, the company has become the professional technical service platform of Shanghai Chinese medicine standard material service platform. In 2016, the team participated in the project “The creation and application of the international quality-oriented Chinese medicine overall quality standard system” won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2017, it was approved as the construction unit of the “New Chinese Medicine Component Resource Bank and Industrial Public Technology Service Platform”, which is a major national new drug creation project. In 2018, the “Chinese Medicine International Standard Demonstration Research” participated in the project, which was awarded the special project of the national modernization of Chinese medicine.


NatureStandard provides technical services developing Chemical Reference Standards (CRS) of herbs and supporting research on chemical constituents of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


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