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Nature Standard invites you to focus on quality and safety to prevent industry risks ——Invitation to the 2018 Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety Risk Prevention and Control Association
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The 2018 Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety Risk Prevention and Control Forum and the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety Professional Committee Annual Meeting will be held from January 5th to 7th, 2019 at the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Zengcheng, Guangzhou.


The conference was hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association of Chinese Medicine Quality and Safety Professional Committee. The leaders of the national authorities will be invited to explain the latest policies. At the same time, experts and scholars specializing in the quality inspection, research and clinical use of traditional Chinese medicines are invited.


Dr. Xie Tianpei, Chairman of NatureStandard, will publish a report on the significance of the standard of Chinese medicine group from the release of the quality standard of saffron, on January 6th. The introduction of the standard of the quality standard of saffron will be introduced. Explain the importance of the "Chinese Traditional Medicine Association" group standards in the evaluation of quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine in the new era. NatureStandard sincerely invites experts and scholars to participate in the exchange.


The theme of this conference revolves around the development of the Chinese medicine industry and the trend of market supervision. The contents include the industry leaders in research and development, production, circulation, post-listing supervision and other aspects of the department's policy interpretation, such as the revision of the drug management law, the new Pharmacopoeia of 2020, process verification and on-site verification, flight inspection related issues, classic technical requirements, The progress of national standards for formula particles, GAP revision and management plan for Chinese herbal medicines, national Chinese herbal medicines and decoction pieces for 2018, quality reports for proprietary Chinese medicines, and key points and directions for supervision in 2019. Welcome everyone to come and join us.



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