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The press conference of “Saffron quality level” was held in Beijing
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On November 15th, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., sponsored by China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., China National Institute for Food and Drug Control, Chinese Medicine National Drug Testing Institute, Shanghai Standard Technology  Co., Ltd. The safflower quality grade group standard, the press conference was held in Beijing Feitian Building.


The meeting invited the master of Chinese medicine Shiyuan Jin, the president of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Shuting Fang , the former deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration Ren Dequan, the deputy inspector of the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Liying Sun , the chief of the Institute of Medicinal Plants, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Xiao Bo, Chen Shilin, director of the Institute of Chinese Medicine of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and dozens of other experts and scholars, and representatives of more than ten companies attended the meeting, and invited more than ten media reports including People's Daily, China Medical News, and China Traditional Chinese Medicine. .


At the press conference, the Chinese Food and Drug Testing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and National Medicines, Shanghai Shidande Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, the saffron quality grade research process, standard formulation, technical planting, production and processing, The whole process of traceability system has been answered.


Shuting Fang, president of the Chinese Medicine Association of China, said that the "Saffron Quality Grade" standard (T/CATCM 002-2018) is the first "quality grade standard" in the industry, for the formulation of standards in the Chinese medicine industry and the healthy development of the industry. Has far-reaching implications and significance."


Because the existing saffron testing standards do not classify the quality of medicinal materials, the market price is mainly based on the appearance and origin, and the evaluation indicators are not objective, resulting in large market price differences, causing consumers' troubles.


In order to solve this situation, the association organized Shanghai Standard Technology  Co., Ltd., China National Food and Drug Administration Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and National Medicines and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. to jointly organize more than 10 saffron industry-related enterprises, after thorough literature research. , sample collection, experimental research and results demonstration, based on the 2015 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, increase the characteristic component of saffron as a quality indicator, and safflorin I and crocin II The sum of the contents was used as the basis for the classification of the grade standard, and the group standard of the quality standard of saffron was established.


Shuangcheng Ma, director of the Chinese Medicine and Drug Testing Institute of the China Food and Drug Control Institute, said, "The "Saffron Quality Grade" group standard is different from the traditional medicinal material size, thickness, weight, appearance and other indicators to distinguish the grading standards of medicinal products. It is the first standard to distinguish the specifications of medicinal materials by quality. The establishment of the "Saffron Quality Grade Standard" provides standard protection for high-quality Chinese medicinal materials, which is conducive to eliminating the impact of counterfeit and shoddy goods on high-quality medicinal materials. The occurrence of bad money expelling good money phenomenon provides support for the healthy development of Chinese herbal medicine industry in order to realize the high quality and good price of Chinese herbal medicine products. At the same time, it establishes rigorous and scientific medicinal materials that are used all over the world for saffron. The practical quality level standards are conducive to enhancing the international influence and comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese medicine standards, accelerating the internationalization and standardization of Chinese medicine standards, and promoting the spread and development of Chinese medicine."


Dr. Tianpei Xie , Chairman of Shanghai Standard Technology  Co., Ltd., explained to the media the research and formulation process of the quality standard of saffron. And summarized the six highlights of the standard:

1. The detection indexes of safflorin I, glycoside II and saffron crocin were included in the content;

2. These three indicators account for about 80% of the soluble components of saffron;

3. These three indicators are highly correlated with efficacy and metabolic studies in vivo;

4. These three indicators are also the material basis for traditional sensory judgments;

5. The newly added bitter crocin is a characteristic component of saffron, which enhances the specificity of the authenticity identification method and facilitates the control of illegal adulteration;

6. Simultaneous determination of various saffron components by ultra-high performance liquid-phase multi-wavelength timing switching method. The determination method is simple, fast and specific.


As a standard co-authoring unit, NatureStandard participates in the standard application, project establishment, drafting, review and approval process. The Shidand team used modern analytical techniques such as high performance liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and ultra-high liquid chromatography (UPLC) with reference to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and other industry standards. Major items such as feature/fingerprint, chemical composition, and content determination were studied. The research process carried out sufficient literature research, sample collection, experimental research, and results demonstration. This standard combines traditional experience with modern science and technology, and comprehensively studies the chemical constituents, metabolism, pharmacological effects, and quality control of saffron. Based on the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 version of the saffron medicinal materials standard, Group Standard for "Saffron Quality Grade". The introduction of this standard is conducive to the regulation of the saffron market, so that the price of the medicinal saffron saffron is well documented.


Under the organization of the Chinese Medicine Association of China, NatureStandard and the cooperation unit jointly completed the formulation of the group standard of "Saffron Quality Grade". The formulation of this level standard is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the saffron industry and accelerating the standard of Chinese medicine. The pace of internationalization and standardization; at the same time, it is also the industry's recognition of the research capabilities of Shidand. Shidande will continue to pay attention to and carry out relevant research work on the quality standards of Chinese herbal medicines, and contribute to the development of the Chinese medicine industry.


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