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China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association released Naturestandard to draft the " Saffron quality grade standard " standard
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Recently, the "Chinese Traditional Medicine Association" promulgated the standard of "Saffron Quality Grade" (T/CATCM 002-2018), which was developed by Nature Standard. The standard was officially implemented on October 20, 18th. This standard is the first standard to distinguish the "commodity specification" of the medicinal material by "quality grade". It has far-reaching influence and significance for the standard setting of the Chinese medicine industry and the healthy development of the industry. From the standard project, through the review to the announcement, Nature Standard and the cooperation unit have made unremitting efforts.

In the article “The Chinese Traditional Medicine Association released the first Chinese medicine “quality grade standard” published by the official website of the Association on September 11th, the in-depth report on the “Xihonghua Quality Grade” standard was made, which caused great concern in the industry.

As an important medicinal material, saffron is contained in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, ISO International Standard, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and European Pharmacopoeia. At present, the existing testing standards do not classify the quality of the medicinal materials. The market price is mainly based on the appearance and origin, and the evaluation indicators are not objective, resulting in large market price differences, causing consumers' troubles.

In order to solve the chaotic situation of the saffron market, Nature Standard actively responded to the call of “China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association” and “Chinese Medicine and Drug Testing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and National Medicines”, and jointly cooperated with 10 saffron industry related enterprises. Adequate literature research, sample collection, experimental research, and results demonstration. On the basis of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition, the saffron medicinal materials standard, the saffron saffron, a characteristic component of saffron medicinal materials, was added as a quality indicator, and the saffron was used. The sum of the contents of the glycosides I and crocin II was used as the basis for the classification of the grading standards, and the group standard of the saffron quality grade was established.

The group standard of "Saffron Quality Grade" is conducive to the establishment of a quality control platform for saffron medicinal materials, and the establishment of a saffron quality grade specification, which is conducive to the regulation of the saffron market, so that the price of the medicinal saffron saffron can be formulated. According to, provide guidance for high-quality saffron planting, the relevant technology stipulated in this standard can provide a reliable basis for the production, circulation and evaluation of quality grading standards in the process of saffron. It can effectively guide the use of consumers and the comprehensive development and utilization of enterprises.

Nature Standard has been actively paying attention to the development of the Chinese medicine industry, deepening the reform of the industrial structure of enterprises, accelerating the research and development of natural compound components such as natural medicine monomers and reference materials, increasing investment in scientific research team talents and research funding, and introducing the latest and most Cutting-edge scientific research equipment, improving product research and development and production capacity, and improving service to the Chinese medicine industry.


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