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Shanghai Nature Standard Biotechnology Co., Ltd. won the 2016 National Science and Technology Progress Award in two
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January 9, 2017, the 2016 annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Shanghai stunt Biotechnology Co., with participation of the internationalization of Chinese medicine oriented overall quality standard system of creation and application of the project won the national science and technology progress award two, on behalf of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine research and development China standard material industry standard research station on the state of the high-tech podium, to become the industry's first win of the team.

"Create the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine oriented overall quality standard system and application" project by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica researcher Guo is a responsible person, stunt as an important technology in the project to jointly complete the "Chinese standard leading international standards" as a strategic goal, the comprehensive application of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine chemical analysis, chemometrics etc. the subject of the new technology and new methods to build innovative Chinese medicine overall quality standard system in accordance with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine complex system and widely applicable.

Stunt has been engaged in Chinese medicine chemical composition separation, research on Chinese standard material development and quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine with standard substance for the global natural products research, chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine separation and other technical services. As of January 2017, the company has more than 2000 kinds of compounds, with more than 8000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients and components library, becoming an important natural products in the world as well as technical service providers. In December 2008, the company joined the research and development of public service platform in Shanghai, in Shanghai in December 2010 to become the first professional and technical service platform, Shanghai standard material professional and technical service platform to undertake units.  The stunt has become a national company (China Research Institute of food and drug inspection) Chinese medicine standard material important technical service providers and suppliers of raw materials, the United States Pharmacopoeia Committee of Chinese standard materials technology service provider.

The winning project manager Guo researcher said: "standard, is the international common language. If there is no scientific, follow the quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is difficult to go out, it is difficult to internationalization."
In the English stunt company named "Standard", is committed to providing Chinese medicine health products of high quality standard and related technical services. With "standard" as the goal, stunt is constantly improving the quality of their own, the internal quality control system has passed the stunt CNAS (ISO- 17025) and CMA accreditation, and to build the international natural products of traditional and most complete high resolution mass spectrometry database and natural product library to provide physical, physical and technical support for improving product quality and health of Chinese medicine.
The future, to honor the stunt team will encourage, to a higher standard for the quality of Chinese medicinal material standard of traditional Chinese medicine and health products research and development and make greater efforts to ensure the.

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