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Shanghai 100 Standard Nature access to inspection and testing institutions qualification certificate
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100 Shanghai Nature Standard Detection Technology Co. Ltd. in November 14, 2016 by the qualification inspection agency accreditation certificate, after reviewing the stunt with relevant state laws and administrative regulations of the basic conditions and ability, can produce have proved the role of data and results to the society, including the qualification certification inspection agency.

Figure 100 Standard Nature inspection and testing institutions qualification certificate

The inspection agency is established in accordance with the law, according to the relevant standards or technical specifications, the use of equipment, facilities and other technical conditions and professional skills, specific provisions of the object product or the laws and regulations of the professional technical inspection organization. The qualification is the national certification and Accreditation Administration and the provincial quality and technical supervision departments in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and standards, technical specifications, inspection agencies on the basic conditions and technical ability in compliance with the statutory requirements of the license implementation evaluation.
100 Shanghai Nature Standard Detection Technology Co. Ltd. with CNAS accredited laboratory testing personnel, laboratory equipment, advanced professional and serious good service attitude to obtain the certificate, the qualification certificate proves that the enterprise's strength and excellent ability of detection technology.
100 Shanghai Nature Standard Detection Technology Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Nature Standard Bio Technology Co. Ltd., is a professional engaged in technical services independent third party, the company was incorporated in 2010, mainly to carry out the inspection service medicine, food, health food, cosmetics and health related products. The company's goal is to the integrity, quality, justice, scientific testing technology services, has become a collection of multiple testing capabilities as one of the international professional testing company, better for business and consumer services.
Once again to congratulate 100 Standard Nature to obtain the qualification certificate, which is not only the professional strength of the company is indeed reflected, but also for the enterprise for many years to concentrate on testing technical services fully affirmed. 100 Nature Standard also expect to establish long-term cooperation with more and more customers want, let you feel the distance of our technical service quality and service level of our heart for you attitude, we look forward to your contact.

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